Moore Headquarters named for Fallen Hero

FT.BENNING, GA-On Fort Benning this afternoon, the 194th armored brigade honors one of their own during a dedication ceremony on Harmony Church.

Moore Headquarters is named
after SSG William Moore, who distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous
conduct as a reconnaissance troop section leader with B Troop, 5th
Squadron, 73rd CAV, 3rd BCT, 82nd Airborne
Division on April 23, 2007 during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

SSG Moore's Platoon operated
in Baqubah, Iraq near As Sadah, conducting patrol base operations and patrols
in order to capture Al Qaeda in Iraq. SSG Moore was struck by a vehicle-borne
IED explosion as part of a complex attack on the patrol base.  Ignoring his own wounds and without regard for
his own safety, SSG Moore exposed himself to enemy fire coming from three
separate directions on the rooftops surrounding the patrol base.

 SSG Moore rapidly organized
an ad-hoc element, moved them to a covered position and then physically
directed their fires to suppress the enemy. SSG Moore soon realized that
several Paratroopers from his platoon occupying the ground floor of the
building were still in jeopardy. Disregarding his own safety a second time, he
left a covered position despite the continuous enemy small arms fire and RPG
fire striking all around him. As SSG Moore entered the building where the
separated troopers were, the building was struck by a second vehicle-borne IED,
bringing the building down on top of him and the troopers he was trying to

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