Toddler fatally shot

Atlanta, GA (WSB) – A one-year-old boy in Atlanta is recovering in the hospital after a shooting that killed his two-year-old sister.

The mother of the toddlers wants the person responsible behind bars.

She says, “Please just turn yourself in because my baby didn't know what's going on… just please turn yourself in because it hurt me each and everyday.”

Sylvia Motley says she hasn't really slept since the night someone fired two shots through her southwest Atlanta front door. One bullet killed her 2 year old Ty-Teyanna, while other sent her one year old son Isaiah to the hospital.

“I cant keep running back and forth to the hospital and the funeral home,” Motley explains.

We first brought you this story on channel Two Action News on Saturday morning. We were in the neighborhood while Atlanta Police and their K-9 units searched the area for evidence that would lead them to the shooter. Since then, we've learned in the moments before her death, Ty-Teyanna was cuddling with her little brother and their grandmother on a sofa bed.

The children's uncle, Charlie Howard says, “If anybody have any information about it, you ain't gotta contact us, you contact the police.”

The family is now saying why they think their home was targeted. They say it could be related to stolen car rims; another uncle unknowingly bought.

Howard explains, “That ain't even worth taking a kids life for no pair of rims. That don't make no sense.”

For Motley the stress of her baby in the hospital, burying another and having to tell her 3-year-old what happened to her siblings is all just too much.

Motely says, “Please just turn yourself in…somebody to help me with the funeral, you know, because I don't have no money to pay for it.”

Ty-Teyanna's funeral will be held Saturday.

Motley said her son is expected to be released from the hospital sometime this week.

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