Officials speak out against settlement

Gulf Shores, AL (WPMI) – Some Alabama officials are upset over a possible settlement between the federal government and BP over the oil spill in the Gulf.

On Thursday they gathered in Gulf Shores, Alabama to express their concerns that a deal could take money away from the Gulf Coast states most effected.

Rep. Jo Bonner said, “If this settlement that is being reported is true why now, why just a few days away from the November election, are we looking at potentially giving the polluter a tax deduction and what will tat mean to the victims.”

“Our concern is the restore act which we worked so hard as a team to pass and we think best solves the needs of the state of alabama might be deminished,” Sen. Jeff Session said.

And Attorney General, Luther Strange said, “The promises to the people of this area to make them whole that's the whole point of this i don's think it's possible humanly to make them whole but to at least try and repair the damage that was caused by bp.”

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