Officials say student shot by police at USA had LSD in his system

Montgomery, AL (WSFA) – We now know that the student shot and killed at the University of Alabama over the weekend had drugs in his system.

Local media say police say 18-year-old Gil Collar had LSD in his system and attacked two people before police approached him.

Campus police say Collar was naked and acting erratically outside of the station.

When he rushed an officer several times in a threatening manner, the officer shot him in the chest.

Despite this explanation, a lawyer for the family says they want to see the security footage.

Sttorney for the Gil Collar family, Jere Beasley says, “All we know is basically that an unarmed student, obviously unarmed, was shot. That raises questions as to why deadly force was necessary and there's video tape that will show exactly what happened, hopefully.”

After the shooting, campus police immediately contacted the District Attorney's office to conduct an external investigation. The Mobile County Sheriff's department is also assisting.

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