Four car crashes kill two, injure two in three days

By Sara Belsole

COLUMBUS, GA –  A 24-year-old woman is in critical condition after her motorcycle crossed the center line crashed head-on with an oncoming SUV near the intersection of Milgen Road and Milgen Court Thursday afternoon.

The driver of the SUV was also transported to the medical center with complaints of back and neck pain.

This is the fourth serious car wreck Columbus Police have seen in the past three days.

“There are times where we've had multiple crashes that are serious like this week, it seems to be pretty common this year,” Sgt. Tim Wynn says.

Police say this week's wrecks follow the same pattern.

“The ones we have had this week have been driver violations that have caused the crashes and those are the ones who have suffered the serious or fatal injuries,” Wynn says.

It all started Tuesday morning, when 21-year-old Larry Jones drifted across the center lane on Buena Vista Road. It caused a head-on collision and Jones was pronounced dead on scene.

Then on Tuesday evening, this week's first motorcycle crash. A Florida motorcyclist hit a stick trying to pass a car on JR Allen Parkway by Second Avenue. He was killed when the motorcycle left the roadway and hit a tree.

“A lot of our motorcycle accidents are due to inexperience. Make sure you get some experience because riding in a parking lot and riding on the roadway are a night and day difference,” Wynn says.

Yesterday morning, a 23-year-old pedestrian was struck crossing Manchester Expressway. She is currently in critical condition and police say she was not in a crosswalk.

“Pedestrians need to be as vigilant as the drivers and start crossing in the crosswalks, that's what they are for, to cross,” Wynn says.

And the driver says the sunlight made it hard to see.

“No driver is going to intentionally hit a pedestrian but sometimes there could be sunlight blinding you, headlights blinding you, there are other factors involved,” Wynn says.

Columbus Police offer free motorcycle classes on Saturdays. You can contact Sgt. Tim Wynn at (706) 225-4041 for more information.


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