Scholar Athlete of the Week: Mitchell Torbert

By Chelsa Messinger

Pacelli Senior Mitchell Torbert isn't' just a hard worker when he's on the football field, it's a mentality that permeates through everything he does.

“If you're going to do something, you might as well try your hardest at it. So there's no reason to go to school and not really try,” said Torbert. “If you can't do it in the classroom, then how are you supposed to do it out on the field? That's what I always thought.”

When he's not preparing for Friday nights, he's preparing for the future.

In college, Mitchell hopes to major in Engineering.

Engineering is often thought of as the study of how things work. And for Mitchell, his ability to see how things function is actually an asset on the gridiron as well.

“Say our coaches don't see something,” said Torbert.”I see it in the game. It's easier for me to communicate to him. It's easier for me to show them what I'm seeing in the games, and make adjustments off of that.”

Head Coach Randy Grace agrees.

“Yeah he does, he comes off the field, and he's able to say, 'Coach, they're lined up in this, this and this, I think I can get an edge on him.' The intelligence factor, really, really helps out,” said Torbert.

Pacelli is 4-0 for the first time in years. Coach Grace sees that as a reflection of the Senior leaders on the team.

“Well I tell you what, we actually have four of them. Four or five. That whole senior class that we have, their grades are off the charts,” said Grace.

“All their grades are superb. I'm talking 30-33 on the ACT. So these kids, they understand a lot about the game, they understand a lot about what we're trying to do out here, and that makes them be great leaders in the locker room as well.”

Mitchell's good grades and exceptional lineman skills haven't gone unnoticed. He's taken trips to places like Yale for Football. But, if football doesn't work out, he's planning on going to either Notre Dame, Auburn or Yale.

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