EAMC gets a CPR machine

By Christina Chambers

The East Alabama Medical center is getting an extra set of hands in the ER.

Manually doing CPR is no longer an option at the East Alabama Medical Center thanks to this new autopulse machine.

The zoll auto pulse machine squeezes the entire chest that moves blood more consistently that is possible with human hands.

MedTek Systems, Paul Hays says, “To be able to not break ribs.”

The machine cost $14,000 and is the only one in east Alabama.

EAMC Emergency Department Director, Sharon Gess says, “It's actually freeing up a lot of hands around the bed, it's better for the patient.”

MedTek systems donated the money to buy the machine. Gess says the ER hopes to get more devices in the future.

The nearest hospital with this machine is in Anniston.

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