Campaign Trail: Debate Night

(NBC News) – The stage is set for tonight's debate.

While Mitt Romney took a break from practice to get a burrito bowl at Chipotle, President Obama visited Hoover Dam. “It's spectacular and I've never seen it before,” said the President.

Aides say they're coaching the President to keep his answers short and be aggressive. Romney is reportedly practicing how not to get irritated. “The President has an opportunity to put this race away if he has some great night and Mitt Romney has a really bad night. Mitt Romney has to have a good night to get this trajectory of the race to change,” said NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd.

Our new NBC poll shows Romney with momentum – just three points behind President Obama.

Yet more voters than ever think the economy's improving.

What are they listening for tonight? “I would like to hear you know some firm stances on positions, definitely some good debate, both the candidates thinking on their feet,” said one voter.

But inundated by ads, some residents here say they won't watch tonight's debate. “I already know who I'm voting for and I just don't want to hear it anymore,” said Denver Resident Ann Stoffel.

In our poll, six in ten found the debates just “somewhat” important, or not at all.

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