Four arrested in fatal biker shootout

Sanford, FL (WESH) – Four people have been arrested after a weekend shooting that left two dead and one hurt in Winter Springs, Florida.

Victor Amaro, 41, Robert Eckert, 38, David Maloney, 52, and Paul Smith, 47, were each charged with two counts of homicide and one count of attempted homicide.

The shooting happened at the Veterans of Foreign Wars lodge, where a motorcycle ride to raise money for injured bikers was planned Sunday.

Police said an altercation broke out before the ride, but authorities did not know what the altercation was about.

Officials said Harold Liddle and Peter Schlette were killed in the shooting, and David Jakiela was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center's trauma unit.

The hospital was on lockdown Sunday, which is common practice when a shooting victim is brought in, police said.

Jakiela is still in critical condition.

Witnesses said they heard as many as 50 gunshots during the melee.

They said some of the people involved had “Warlocks” insignias on their leather jackets.

“We don't know exactly the party affiliations. We're still doing investigation on that,” said Lt. Doug Seely.

Seely stressed that they believe it is an isolated incident.

“We're still trying to figure out exactly what happened to be able to understand why it happened,” Seely said.

Sources within the bike club community said there is a Warlocks Motorcycle Club from Pennsylvania, trying to establish a chapter in Florida where a chapter already exists.

Police have heard there's friction between the groups, but won't confirm suspicion of a turf war.

“As we go through this investigation, we're trying to take that information you provided, and try to see the relevancy to this event,” said Seely.

Several agencies were called to the scene, and 12 people were detained in front of the building, including the four who were charged.

Officials said they recovered 13 firearms.

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