Elderly woman without birth certificate finds tough to get an ID

Savannah, GA (WSAV) – An elderly Georgia woman says all she wants is a picture ID. But, new rules on driver's licenses and state issued IDs are making it a difficult process.

88-year-old Geneva Lee just wants a picture ID.

Lee says, “They keep giving me the run around, the run around. I've filled out papers.”

But after several months of trying, it's frustrating.

“But this has been going on since June, and it's ridiculous,” Lee says.

Because even though she has a lot of paperwork, she doesn't have a birth certificate.

Lee says, “They also go back as far as 1944.”

Mrs. Lee was born in 1924 in Savannah when birth certificates weren't commonplace. She was raised in New York and got a Social Security card by using school records. But a Social Security number and a former New York ID card are not enough under the new rules in Georgia.

Lee's daughter Sabrina Stewart says they've written to get verification of her mother's Social Security number, received a form back from Kansas City, but it wasn't enough.

Stewart says, “This verifies who she is, this should work, they said they're not taking it. If a person does not have a birth certificate, and the Social Security is giving you this information, what is the problem?”

The Department of Driver Services says the new rules are from the federal real ID law. But some have questioned why the state decided now was the time to implement them.

Mrs. Lee doesn't know what to think about all the delays, but she sure wants her picture id.

Lee says, “But something is not right…”

The Georgia Department of Driver Services suggested Lee and her daughter call the customer service number and promised to help.
They say in some cases, a waiver can be issued if a birth certificate cannot be produced.

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