Dougherty siblings plead guilty in court

Valdosta, GA (WCTV) – A brother and sister accused in a cross-country crime spree faced a Georgia judge Monday.

Ryan and Lee Grace Dougherty, along with their brother Dylan, made national headlines when they were caught last year.

Lowndes County resident, Ken Klanicki says, “Because they pleaded guilty there is no jury trial. They have basically turned themselves over to the mercy of the court.” 

The Doughertys' cross country crime spree ended in Colorado after a shoot out with police, but it began in the southeast. In August of last year Ryan, Lee Grace and Dylan Dougherty robbed the Certus Bank on Norman Drive using automatic weapons.

Brian Childress with the Valdosta Police says, “Any time you have a bank robbery that's always a big case, but the fact that these folks were, they came in blazing basically with their weapons. And that fact that just prior to robbing our bank they actually shot at and, in my opinion, tried to kill a deputy in Florida.”  

They have yet to face charges for that shooting in Florida. But in Colorado, they've already been sentenced to more than 15 years each. Initially all three siblings had entered a plea of not guilty for the bank robbery.; but that plea changed for Ryan and Lee Grace after reaching an agreement with prosecutors.

Klanicki says, “Ryan Dougherty whenever he actually pleaded guilty, when he said the word the actual word guilty, I heard his voice break.”

At last check the third sibling who was not in court, Dylan Dougherty, is not scheduled to enter a new plea of guilty.
The Doughertys are currently being held at an undisclosed location.  
They will be sentenced December 17th. Each of them faces a maximum of 25 years in prison for bank robbery.

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