A Daughter’s Justice

Lake Stevens, WA (KING) – It was a moment that caught both parties by surprise.

For Shallon Tagg, it was a chance to confront the man she believed attacked her mother.

For the suspect, it was the end of the line.

“I said, 'You better run right now because you're going to jail,'” Tagg recalled.

The bizarre encounter came less than 24 hours after Tagg's mother, 83-year-old Kay Hall, was robbed in her Lake Stevens home. Hall knew the attacker was a man she hired for yard work over the summer.

“He put his hand on top of my head to hold me down,” Hall recollected, “He grabbed my necklace and yanked it off.”

Hall's necklace holds particular significance for her.

Attached is a small gold nugget her grandmother mined from the Alaskan wilderness.

For her, it's a reminder of the family's lineage of tough women. But now it's gone.

“I think if I'd had a small handgun, I might have gone for one of his toes,” Hall said, “I'm a really good shot.”

The man got away, but not for long.

Sunday morning, Hall's daughter stopped at pawn shops and shopping centers around Lake Stevens with flyers in an effort to draw attention to the crime.

Fatefully, she happened to see the alleged robber in a Target parking lot.

“He threw up his hands saying, 'What, what?',” Tagg said. “He and I ran through that lot, through people, through cars.

“My heart, the adrenaline that was going through me. There wasn't anything that was going to stop me from getting him caught.”

With the help of a bystander, and eventually Lake Stevens Police, the man was caught.

While the necklace still has not been found, Tagg cannot believe her fortune.

“He's going to jail. I know he's going to have to be accountable for his crime,” Tagg said, “And I put him there.”

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