Scholar Athlete of the Week: Morgan Ryffe

By Chelsa Messinger

Individual sports, like cross country, often require a strong dose of self-motivation.

Long trails with sometimes no one around for competition.

But for Northside's Morgan Ryffe, she doesn't need the constant chatter of teammates, or the competition of other sports to push her to do her best, according to her coach, Teresa Roberts.

“Like you said, very self motivated, she has goals, she has plans,” Roberts said. “Whether she's running in college or not, she's definitely going to go and do big things.”

There might not be anyone cheering on the sidelines of her weekly three-mile runs. But she uses very specific goals that push her, when others won't.

“Right now I set goals, like right now I want to get back to my 21:50,” Ryffe said. “I'll write my goals on my wrist so that I'm continually looking at it.”

Visualizing her goals is just one of the ways Coach Roberts has helped her do her best.

“It's funny because I'm a counselor, so I'm a big goal person. I speak with the team a lot about setting goals,” Roberts said. “I think it's important to have them, because if you don't set the goals,  what are you aiming for?”

Setting high goals has lead Ryffe to All Bi-City Selections in cross country, as well as key roles on the Northside track and swim teams. But that success isn't limited to sports. She uses the same, specific, goal-setting strategy to help her earn a 3.9 GPA.

“I do, I will write, like I have a whiteboard, and I'll just put on my whiteboard, bring up the grade in Calculus, bring up the grade in Physics type of thing,” Ryffe said.

She hopes to run cross country at Columbus State next year, and one day, hopes to attend Pharmacy School.

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