More than 400 attend Phoebe Sumter’s Women’s Health Conference


Americus (May 19, 2012) — For the second year in a row, more than 400
women came out to attend Phoebe Sumter's Annual Women's Health
Conference which was held at the Student Success Center on the campus of
Georgia Southwestern State University. It was the third year overall
for the event, which focused on one of the diseases that causes health
problems for more than 25 million Americans.

“This year our theme was Sweet Success: Preventing & Controlling
Diabetes,” said Marcus Johnson, Phoebe Sumter Director of Marketing
& PR. “We wanted to put the spotlight on diabetes because it
affects so many people, especially in Southwest Georgia and the South in
general. “We wanted to give people a chance to learn about ways to
prevent from getting this disease, and if they or a family member
already has it, we wanted to offer options on how to control it.”

Health screens such as glucose and cholesterol, diabetes and blood
pressure were offered to the participants from 8 am to 10 am, and then
they had the option of visiting more than 14 vendors on the floor of the
basketball gym. After a welcome by Susan Bruns, Phoebe Sumter's Chief
Nursing Officer and a video featuring the new hospital's first day of
operation on December 16th of last year, 3 physicians and a nutritionist
gave presentations all centered around diabetes: Patricia Fennessy, MD
(Diabetes Overview); Meg Goodin, Registered Dietician (Diabetes and
Nutrition); John Fennessy, MD (Diabetes and Surgery) and Sean Sheff, MD
(Bariatric Surgery and its Effects on Diabetes).

“All of the presenters did an excellent job, and I think most people
left the event knowing more about diabetes than they did before they
came,” said Johnson. “Dr. Sheff talked about how in some cases
Bariatric Surgery has resulted in some people being cured of diabetes,
and that caught a lot of people's attention. We plan to promote that
more very soon, so I know people are excited about that. It was a very
informative session and again our goal this year was to give useful
information for a disease that affects people from all walks of life.”

Johnson said that while many people only hear his name when it comes to event, it takes a whole army to make it a success.

“We had more than 140 hospital employees, physicians, volunteers and
students who worked very hard to ensure the event went smoothly and
efficiently,” said Johnson. “Darrell Sabbs and other Phoebe employees
from Albany were on hand, and we had people from as far away as Atlanta
that came down as well. They all know how important an event like this
is, and many have already signed up to help with the Men's Health
Conference in September! It just goes to show what type of people we
have in our community.”

(Source: Phoebe Sumter Medical Center)

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