Lawsuit claims Phenix City School Board is to blame for student-teacher affair

By Sara Belsole

PHENIX CITY, AL – A Phenix City high school student's parents file a lawsuit against the school district.

The then ninth grade students' parents say she and teacher's aid and assistant cheerleading coach Jennifer Young allegedly engaged in a sexual relationship last year at Central High School.

They claim the school district did not act quickly enough in removing young from campus.

However, Superintendent Dr. Larry Dichiara says a police investigation into alleged emails exchanged between the two did not reveal any inappropriate behavior.

Young was initially asked to leave the cheerleading squad. But after allegedly being caught in contact with the girl again, Young resigned.

Months later, police charged young in connection with the alleged sexual relationship.

“It is insulting to me for someone to draw a conclusion that we would allow for something negative to happen to a child like has been described in the lawsuit and choose to ignore it. That's ludicrous and it's an insult to those of us who have spent our many years dedicated to children,” Dichiara says.

NBC 38 spoke with Richard F. Horsley, the attorney representing the student and her family He says their main complaint is, “even though the school board went through the police, they did not terminate the employee, allowing the relationship to continue despite multiple complaints.” 


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