New Orleans police now investigating apparent fan assault

New Orleans, LA (WDSU) – A sexually explicit cell phone video recording of an unconscious Louisiana State University fan being tormented by Alabama Crimson Tide supporters after the BCS National Championship has some calling for a criminal investigation into the incident.

The video shows a man exposing himself and placing his genitals in the face of a passed out LSU fan inside a Krystal's restaurant on Bourbon Street on January 9th.

“The fact that it could happen with that additional amount of police officers being available is absolutely appalling and the reaction to it, to me, is pretty appalling,” said Dale Standifier with the Metropolitan Center for Women and Children.

A spokesman for New Orleans Police Department said their Sex Crimes Unit was aware of the incident and was waiting to be contacted by the victim before taking action.

“The man was obviously passed out, intoxicated and unable to defend himself, and he was assaulted,” Standifier said. “He was sexually assaulted, and humiliated and tormented while people cheered, and he shouldn't have to stand up for himself and say, 'I want to press charges.' The city should be pressing charges and trying to move forward. If you had a murder victim, you can't expect the victim himself, the corpse, to testify.”

University of Alabama officials released a statement saying the school was disappointed with the
actions seen in the video:

“UA hopes that our fans will act with class and dignity and we are disappointed when they don't. We are aware of the video… and will appropriately deal with any student who might have been involved.”

LSU officials have declined to comment on the situation since it could be a police matter.

New Orleans police have now sent out a wanted poster.

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