Two women arrested for shoplifting at the Dollar General


Over the weekend, two suspects were arrested for Shoplifting. The suspects had allegedly been spotted, by witnesses, while
in the process of loading their vehicle with merchandise taken without payment from the Dollar General, near Pine Mountain.

County Deputies responded to the location inside the 9000 block of
Hamilton Road, around 3 pm,
on Sunday afternoon. The store employees were able to show Deputies
video surveillance footage of the suspects taking items from inside the
store, and exit without paying for them. Deputies were also given a
description of the suspects, and the vehicle they
were last seen driving, by witnesses at the scene. A lookout was placed
through Troup County E-911.

after the lookout was given, Patrolling Troup County Deputies located
the suspects and their
vehicle near the intersection of Highway 219 and Bartley Road
(travelling North, toward LaGrange). When conducting a traffic stop on
the vehicle, a passenger exited acting nervously and continuously
talking on her cell phone.

approach, several trash bags filled with T-shirts (still in original
packaging) and a plastic
bag containing a new comforter could been seen in plain view inside the
vehicle's back seat. A brief interview with the driver revealed that
there were various other miscellaneous items stowed in the trunk of the
vehicle. The driver opened the trunk to confirm
this statement.

upon the video footage from the Dollar General, the description of the
subjects and their vehicle
along with its contents and interviews conducted during the traffic
stop, Coltina Michelle Whitehead (aka “Tina Bates”, age 39 of Pine
Mountain – Passenger) and Nicole Deshanon Brooks (age 42, of LaGrange –
Driver) were placed under arrest and transported
to the Troup County Jail. Both are being charged with Theft By
Shoplifting. There may be other charges to follow from other Agencies,
as this case continues under investigation.

Items recovered during the traffic stop included: A comforter, shoes, boots, T-shirts, jeans, socks,
undergarments, soap, purses, soft drinks and miscellaneous hygiene items. Nothing further to report, at this time.


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