4 Car Accident Backs Up Traffic on I-185

By: Matt Lally

Columbus- Roads are being cleared for southbound traffic on I-185 after four cars are involved in an early morning accident.

According to Columbus Police the accident occurred around 8:00 this morning on 185 near the Manchester Expressway.  Four cars were involved in the accident when one car was following too closely to another vehicle. The first car hit the brakes and the other car slammed into the back of the first car.

The first accident then set off a string of accidents resulting in an SUV, a pickup truck, and two sedans being hit as a result.  No serious injuries were reported but a couple of the drivers went to the hospital to get checked out.

Southbound traffic was backed up for a couple of miles past the Airport Thruway.

The officers on the scene determined that there was a violation for following too closely.

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