Xbox Scam


Money-hungry thieves are finding a new way into your bank account through video games. One mom found out the hard way after becoming a victim of identity theft.

Xbox won't be the same for 14-year-old Zach Grant. He's had to learn the oldest advice in the parental handbook has moved to the virtual world too. Mother Lisa Grant says “bad things can happen when you're talking to people you don't know!”

His mom, Lisa, says it started when her teenager started chatting on Xbox Live. Someone named “Mr. Lambourgini” had something to offer Zach that he wanted.

Lisa says “my son has been wanting this for weeks.”

Microsoft points used for Xbox games. That was this hacker's bait in a phishing scam. He offered zach the points. All he needed to do was give an email address and password. He actually was able to record the conversation.

The hacker even got a little pushy. So when Zach gave up the info, his father's credit card information was exposed and the scammer wasted no time buying movies and video games on the card.

Lisa says “and seen all these things, Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft from his account.”

Grant says he's charged around $500 dollars to their card. Money they don't know if they'll get back and Microsoft hasn't yet presented a solution for them yet.

Lisa says “you can't give people information. You can't let someone tell you they'll give you something in return, that can really hurt your family.”

It's a tough lesson, but Lisa says she's not mad at Zach. She says he just took the bait of a hacker looking for a quick score.

Lisa says “I didn't blame him. I just want him to see how being careless, what will happen.”

Gaming experts say one easy way to protect your hard-earned cash is to use pre-paid cards to buy items while using your online gaming system. If you don't have an Xbox, but a nintendo WII gaming system, experts say it's just as vulnerable.

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