Troy back on the football field in Phenix City

By Jeremy Babin

The Troy football team conducted a scrimmage Saturday and I'm here with head coach Larry Blakeney and coach, how did you feel your team looked out there today?

“It was very hot and I think our team learned a lot. I thought we missed a lot of tackles because we didn't wrap up. We made some good plays and our kicking game looked good so at this time of the year, I'll take that” Blakeney said.

How much can your team gain by this experience?

“It gives you a feel of where each individual is. When it's 50/50, it's kind of difficult to tell. We still have a lot of work to do. Not just in spring ball, but in off season and in training camp” Blakeney explained.

“We have a lot of room for improvement. That was the purpose of this though, to go over things and have a better scrimmage next week” Jonathan Massaquoi said.

“It's a good experience. I went to Auburn and played here twice. It felt good and good to come out winners on the red side” Brandon Boudreaux said.

“It was a good experience. I am thankful for Phenix City for letting us come out and play here” Corey Robinson explained.

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