Third Brigade soldiers go though Expert Infantry Badge testing

A group of Third Brigade soldiers make it through day three of Expert Infantry Badge testing.

Testing started Monday with a physical fitness test.

At that point there were 490 candidates.

When lane testing got started today, only 84 remained.

By the end of Friday morning's 12 mile march, only 30 to 35 soldiers are expected to remain in the running for the badge.

Captain Jason Horton says, “If you factor in the nature of the badge, as sought after as it is, that number one increases the pressure, the intensity of the event. So everything that you do is very highly scrutinized.”

“The EIB pretty much across the Army is viewed as an indicator that you're an expert in your trade. And it's a good thing to have. It's definitely an indicator that you care about your trade and you care about your soldiers,” explains Lt. Travis Milroy.

“It's fantastic training. I've been in the Army a few years and everything that I've learned here I've actually used in either combat situations or back in Garrison,” says SSGT Brian Blow.

During lane testing soldiers rotate through three tests: patrol, urban and traffic control.

The badge is specially for the infantry and special operations.

Soldiers can test for the badge regardless of rank.

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