Having problems picking up NBC 38 or CW GA-BAMA? Click here for Help.

You will need one of the following to receive NBC 38 and CW GA-BAMA:

  • A TV receiver with a Digital Tuner built in
  • A Digital converter box
  • A DirecTV or Dish Network HD receiver

Make sure your receiver or converter box is installed according to the manufacturer provided instructions.

Be sure and have your receiver scan for channels, otherwise you may not get all of the available channels.

If your receiver does not pick up channel 38.1 and 38.2 after the scan, try and enter our digital channel directly. To do this, you must enter 35.1 or 35.2.

If you are still not receiving any picture or are having picture breakups, then you may need to either adjust or move your antenna or upgrade your antenna to a newer one. A few notes on antennas:

  • While rabbit ears still work in many areas, you are more likely to have digital breakup while watching TV.
  • An attic mounted or outdoor antenna will give better results. Most attic mounted or outdoor antennas are highly directional. Be sure your antenna is pointed toward WLTZ. We are located just north of Ft. Benning, off Buena Vista Rd.

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