Troup County grows rapidly in 2009

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American County Survey, Troup County added 534 people between July 2008 and July 2009 ranking the county 59th out of 159 Georgia counties in terms of percentage growth during 2009. The Survey is an annual estimate published by the Census Bureau. It is important to note these are not 2010 Census results. At just under a percent (0.8%), Troup grew faster than the median for all Georgia counties. Other Georgia counties in Troup’s economic region grew as well. Harris County ranked 22nd with Muscogee (Columbus Consolidated) followed at 25th. Four of the six counties contiguous to Troup lost population. Meriwether lost population ranking the county 133 out of 159.

In sheer numbers of population growth, Troup ranked 42nd while Chattahoochee, Harris and Muscogee ranked 36, 39 and 9. Coweta County, an Atlanta metro county just north of Troup on I-85 was in Georgia’s top 10 – 7th in numbers and 10th in percentage growth. All Troup municipalities added population, though unincorporated Troup grew fastest. Troup County growth has averaged 1% since the 2000 Census.

The top three fastest growing counties in Georgia were all in the Savannah/Fort Stewart area. Chattahoochee County (Fort Benning) just south of Columbus was the 4th fastest growing county.

Across the river in Alabama, Chambers County lost population. Lee County was Alabama’s 4th fastest growing out of 67 counties. In numbers, Lee ranked 4th in Alabama while Chambers came in at 48th.

The top five Georgia growth counties in terms of numbers of people were all in the Atlanta metro area while Alabama’s top five were distributed around the state.

Troup/LaGrange is defined as a Micropolitan. The Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area includes Muscogee, Harris and Marion in Georgia and Russell in Alabama. The Columbus MSA and Lee County form a Combined Statistical Area, or CSA. Coweta County is included in the Atlanta MSA.

2009 population estimates indicate a slowing in suburban county growth and an increase in core economic engine counties – Troup, Muscogee, Lee. (Chattahoochee’s trend has been erratic due to Fort Benning troop movements. Muscogee/Columbus has seen similar fluctuations, particularly in 2007).