Sanford Bishop Hosts Town Hall Meeting

Emotions ran high at Wednesday morning’s town hall meeting. More than 500 attended the meeting hosted by Representative Sanford Bishop.
Dozens of people patiently waited in line to ask the Congressman questions about the proposed house bill.
NBC 38’s Julie Bercik has more.
“I just want to know how are we paying for this, who is getting taxed,” said Gretchen Timmons.
“These bills are nothing more than big government take over of healthcare, placing vital health care decisions in the hands of bureaucrats, health czars and government panels,” said a local doctor.
Comments like these really got the crowd going, Representative Bishop answering every question, the crowd feeding off his response.
For the most part Wednesday’s meeting was calm, sheers in support and opposition echoed through the nearly four hour meeting.
After spending the first 45 minutes discussing bits and pieces of the one thousand plus page bill, Bishop told the crowd at this point he cannot vote yes or no on it.
“I want you to know that I view it as a responsibility to act for and in your behalf, and I promise you I will not betray your trust,” said Bishop.
Saying he wants to hear the concerns of the second congressional district before making a decision, the representative saw and heard first hand from the people, as those in favor stood up and cheered, as did those against it the bill.
“I learned that there are some very strongly held feelings about the healthcare issue,” said Bishop. “But I also learned there was a lot of misinformation.
Calling the meeting a healthy, constructive conversation, Bishop said people's concerns are legitimate, and understands why some are hesitant. At the same time, he also realizes that if something isn't done soon to reform health care, the nation is headed for trouble.
“If we don't get a handle on health care cost, our nation will not be able to survive fiscally, a and it will continue to be a drain on our economy,” he said.
Representative Bishop is spending the next day hosting town hall meeting in Albany.

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