Holiday Safety Tips

Many shoppers will be up before the crack of dawn to hit the malls and local shops. But before you indulge in what’s known as “Black Friday,” one of the busiest shopping days of the year, local law enforcement have a few tips to keep your shopping experience safe. Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office/Cpl Robert Benedon said, “Well the first thing would be is to pay attention to your surroundings. I would try to park in a well lit area, have your keys in your hand when you’re going back to your car from your shopping. Once again, check the car before you go in it. You’ll have people that are going to be in the parking lots that’s going to be watching for people leaving their packages in the car and walking off, I would try to, if you’re gonna do that take the packages home if you’re going to have a bunch of them and return.” Corporal Benedon says you should never place your purse or valuables in the shopping carts and use common sense when you are out, especially during the holidays.

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